ANF1 Pain Therapist Course

ANF THERAPY - (Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy) - Terapija Amino Neuro Frekvencija (ANF) je revolucionarni holistički pristup bolu i upalama.

Inovativna terapija Dr. Mikel H-G Hoff-a Osnivača i inventora ANF terapije.

Kurs za fizioterapeute, lekare i osteopate.

Ograničen broj polaznika.

Datum : ANF 1 - 1. - 2.11.2018. 

                ANF 2 - 3.- 4.11.2018.

Predavač : Bojan Pavlović, Katar

Cena: ANF 1 (450 e do 15.10.2018. early fee -550 e posle 15.10.2018.)

           ANF2  (450 e do 15.10.2018. early fee - 550 e posle 15.10.2018.)

           ANF1+ANF2 (800e do 15.10.2018. early fee - 900 e posle 15.10.2018.)

Early fee ( popust za ranu prijavu i uplatu) 


Naš cilj je edukovanje profesionalnih terapeuta, tako da oni mogu da koriste ANF terapiju kako bi pacijentima pomogli da povrate svoje zdravlje i poboljšaju kvalitet života.

Na osnovu ANF terapijskog okvira, ispitujemo telo koji sledi nervne staze i fokusira se na pronalaženje osnovnog uzroka problema pacijenta. Prema nalazima i srodnoj dijagnozi, primenjuje se jedinstveni medicinski uređaj, ANF diskove, kako bi se smanjila bol, uklonila upala i sprečilo širenje preko nervnog i limfnog sistema.

Terapija je kombinacija tehnike kliničkog pregleda, dijagnostičke metodologije, tretmana sa ANF diskovima i manuelne terapije.


Amino Pain Therapist Course 1

The first course provides a platform of theory, practice,

patch application, treatment and knowledge,

which will be expanded across the next two courses.


The theoretical insight covers the following topics:

  • Amino BioFrequency Therapy
  • Types of Pain and diagnoses
  • Injuries and how to identify the ‘feeling’ of an injury
  • Antioxidants basic


The practical training focuses on physical ‘feeling’ and normalization of:

  • Si Led
  • Tennis elbow
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • ITB Syndrome
  • Hip/Groin Pain
  • Jumpers knee
  • Runners Knee
  • Sciatic pain


The patch treatment introduces to the use of the following patches

  • CP Chronicle Pain
  • CPS Chronicle Pain Strong
  • NP Nerve Pain
  • EP Extreme Pain
  • OX- Oxidative-
  • OXP- Oxidative Pain-
  • OXI- Oxidative Inflammation-
  • ACA Antioxidant Carnosine
  • AGL Antioxidant Gluthation
  • MC Medical Cannabis
  • AS Anti Stress

Holistic approach to treatment of injuries, pain management and sports performance.

This course is developed for doctors and therapists who work with clients that have pain, inflammation, swelling, degenerative tissue, failed with medical approaches, or just desire a system that gets to the root cause of dysfunction quicker.

We educate practitioners how to perform the clinical examination, diagnose, apply Amino BioFrequency patches and various manual therapies. We see each patient as a unique case with their own individual complexity.

How does Amino BioFrequency Therapy work

Amino BioFrequency Therapy consists of thin circular patches applied directly on to the skin. They send electrical frequencies through the electro molecules in the body. The nervous system picks up these frequencies, starting a self-healing and self-regulating process. By improving the signalling directly at the cellular level, without the use of chemicals or machines, the results are not only fast, they are without side effects.

Welcome to our unlimited potential in human function and performance.


”This is by far the fastest improvement I have ever witnessed in my 20 years of clinical practice!!”

Dr. L. Jon Porman, Arizona, USA




Day 1:


What is the therapy?

How can it be used? & How does it work?

Frequencies part 1

Pain, the different types, part 1

Different types of pain from various tissues (what the patient feels)

Development of inflammation and pain

– Decomposition and spreading, part 1

Reviewing the relevant patches

Reviewing the relevant diagnosis

Practical training on each other

Headache, Migraine, Ear ache

Biceps (shoulder) attachment pain

Finger numbness

Wrist pain

Test patients (selected diagnosis of the above

Questions from day 1

Gluthatione (AGL) and Carnosine (ACA) antioxidants

Different types of stress

What are free radicals / oxidative stress

The difference between acute and chronic inflammation

Reviewing the  AGL and  ACA patches

Reviewing the relevant diagnosis

Practical training on each other

Strained neck

Neck / shoulder pain

Tennis elbow

Golf elbow

Test patients (selected diagnosis of the above)


Day 2:

Recap of day 1 and 2

Reviewing the relevant diagnosis

Practical training on each other

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Thoracic spine / ribs

Lower back pain

Test patients (selected diagnosis of the above)

Information about the treatment;


Side effects

Patient ethics

Grovo training platform – tool for therapists

Web shop presentation


Therapist agreement


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